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My name is Lyss Menold

I'm an illustrator based in Lansing, Michigan. As a child I loved to go to bookstores, not just to buy books, but to browse the isles and see all the beautiful covers. Eventually this love for illustration led to me pursuing a BFA in illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design, and then later an MFA in illustration from Hartford Art School’s low residency program. After graduation I worked as the in-house artist for Wyrd Miniatures and Dogmight Games, and taught at Kendall College and the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Now I work freelance under the supervision of my two fluffy dogs.

My work focuses on the humorous and the surreal, and has been featured in Spectrum, SILA, and Infected by Art. Clients include Monte Cook Games, Rose Gauntlet, Renegade Games, Nightfall Games, Flying Frog Productions, Green Ronin, GCT Studios, Wyrd Miniatures, Imagine FX, Catalyst Game Labs, Anvil 8 Games, Dog Might Games, and F(r)iction Magazine.

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